About twinschatter

My name is Eric. I was a baseball fan at a
very young age until the 1994 strike made me no longer care.
The 1998 home run chase brought me back into the fold a bit
and the resurrection of a viable Twins franchise brought me
back across the line. I am once again a baseball fanatic.
Some people would say I’m insane. I spend way too much time
and expend way too much effort on my hobby of following
baseball. I realize that most people could care less what my
opinion is about this or that, but someone might think that
what I have to say here is interesting and appreciate an
insight that is different than their own, just as I often
enjoy views that differ from my own…so I can crush them.


Baseball, the Minnesota Twins, reading,
writing, fantasy sports, simulated sports, drinking fine (or,
more often than not, not-so-fine) wines, cooking, eating,
listening to music I’m too old for.